Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Specialists

Who works on my property?
Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear company uniform.

How do I move a tree?
Every job is different so it’s best to leave this kind of work to experienced tree professionals. Make sure the company has a certified arborist on staff.

What areas you cover?
Hibiscus Coast, Dairy Flat, Albany and North Shore. We work Monday to Friday from 7 am until done.

Winter pruning?
Winter can be a very good time of year for pruning. This is when trees are dormant. However, it is not suggested you prune when the weather is extremely cold.

What clients do you work for?
Anyone who is in a true need for one of our services and wants to protect the true value of its property.

Who to hire?
Make sure the company you hire has a certified and well-trained staff. Their equipment also needs to be of quality and inspected regularly to prevent any major accidents.

Ask Us A Question

Feel free to ask any questions regarding our services and problems you might have on your property. We will answer as soon as we can.